PM 016 951 -T
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Mounting kit for DN 160 ISO-K to ISO-F, with collar flange, coated centering ring with splinter shield, hexagon bolts
Order number: PM 016 951 -T

  • For turbopump with HV-flange DN 160 ISO-K
  • Suitable only for HiPace 700 and HiPace 700 M
  • Collar flange DN 160 with retaining ring
  • Centering ring with multi-functional coating for anti-twist protection
  • Splinter shield: to safeguard against foreign object, mesh width 0.8 mm, molecular conductance for N2 1250 l/s
  • 8 hexagon bolts M10x35, coated, with flange and washers
  • Note: Required for secure mounting of the turbopump
Flange DN 160 ISO-K
Mesh 0.8 mm
Molecular conductance for N2 1250 l/s
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