Vacuum seminar - Working with Total Pressure Measurement Equipment

Working with Total Pressure Measurement Equipment

Target audience:Technical personnel, operating and maintenance personnel
Prior knowledge:Fundamental knowledge of vacuum technology
Learning objective:The participants will obtain fundamental knowledge about the function, application, operation and maintenance of total pressure measurement equipment.
Course content:• Physical principles of vacuum measurement
• Signal generation
• Measurement units
• Direct and indirect pressure measurement
• Mechanical vacuum gauges
• Capacitive vacuum gauges
• Piezo-resistive vacuum gauges
• Thermal conductivity vacuum gauges
• Hot-cathode vacuum gauges
• Cold-cathode vacuum gauges
• Analog and digital signal transmission
• Calibration
• Measurement drift/error
• Resolution
• Reproducibility
• Response time and measurement range
• Measurement tolerance
Registration deadline:2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course
Trainer:Frank Pfeifer
Duration:1 day
Beginning – Ending:9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Number of Participants:3 - 8
Course fee:€ 490.00
Language:German or English
Course dates:
03. December 2019 (in german language)
31. March 2020 (in german language)
26. May 2020 (in english language)
15. September 2020 (in german language)
01. December 2020 (in german language)
Online Registration

This course can also be conducted on your premises. The date, duration and content will be matched to customer needs. The fee for this course amounts to € 1,950.00 per day for up to the indicated maximum number of participants, plus travel and lodging expenses for the trainer (only outside of Germany), plus expenses for preparation and follow-up activities of the course. We will be pleased to submit a detailed offer upon your request.

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