Important regulations for leak detection and tightness control


Common standards and high quality levels for the leak detection and tightness control of materials can only be reached by internationally valid norms. In order to meet the increasingly stricter demands set on tightness control, many of the existing norms have been updated within the last years. These updates especially affect the regulations for the calibration of test leaks, which have been significantly expanded. Moreover, also the European regulations were updated and reconciled with ISO regulations (ISO = International Standard Organization). ISO closely collaborates with CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation, European Committee for Standardization). The transfer of ISO regulations into national regulations is voluntary, whereas the transfer of European regulations into national regulations is mandatory.

Leak detection under vacuum: relevant norms

DIN EN ISO 20484:2017-07 – Vocabulary [2]

ISO 20848:2017 is a good example for a direct transfer of an ISO regulation into an European regulation. CEN adopted the ISO norm without any changes or amendments and implemented it in the German-speaking countries as DIN EN ISO 20484:2017-07. It replaces the predecessor norm DIN EN 1330-8:1998-07 [3], in which the technical vocabulary for leak detection is summarized.

Several definitions from the field of pressure and vacuum measurement have been dropped. Moreover, the editor inserted some updates and revised definitions. The regulation is available in several languages and used in practice for the correct wording in work instructions, tenders, and comparable documents or the respective translations.

Important regulations for leak detection and tightness control

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