Analysis of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) conditions inside FOUPs


Gaseous compounds present in the air of a cleanroom, the process equipment or a container which can contaminate surfaces or products are called airborne molecular contamination (AMC). AMC can create serious damage and generate important yield loss as well as massive performance degradation in leading edge manufacturing plants.

The APA 302 is a unique in-line monitoring system for the measurement of AMCs in a transportation box, the so-called FOUP, and the surrounding environment. The APA 302 is available with a special measuring function for hydrogen fluorides (HF). It determines the concentration of hydrogen fluorides within two minutes after taking a sample through the FOUP filters. This measurement is carried out with high sensitivity in the ppb-range thanks to a Cavity-Ring-Down-Spectroscopy (CRDS) based analytical system. The AMC concentration can be obtained in real-time based on the APA 302 results.

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