Determining the Properties of Materials


For many of their processes the metrology expert Micromeritics GmbH relies on solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum

For countless production processes and different end products, it is enormously important to know exactly the properties of the materials that are used. For this reason, the materials used in manufacturing processes, such as in the chemical industry, in process engineering, in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in the geosciences and in materials research are precisely characterized. Properties that are determined include the density, particle size distribution, porosity, pore size distribution as well as the specific surface area or the reactivity of catalysts. In order to analyze these and many other material properties, it requires reliable, highly accurate measuring instruments. Vacuum is one of the basic requirements for the function of these instruments and it is used for sample preparation and the evacuation of the sample during analysis.

Expert for measuring instruments for material characterization relies on Pfeiffer Vacuum

Micromeritics GmbH in Aachen is the German subsidiary of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation with its headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of instruments for the characterization of different materials. It develops special measuring instruments for the analysis of the following material properties:

  • Particle size and shape
  • Density
  • Porosity, for example, in catalysts, building materials, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, metal powders, membranes or active components in batteries
  • Determination of quality characteristics of excipients and active substances in medicinal products
  • Electrode analysis and porosity measurements on lithium-ion batteries
  • Analysis of specific surfaces
  • Determination of the properties of manufacturing materials and powders used in 3D-printing

Duo 1.6 rotary vane pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum in use on a surface analyzer from Micromeritics GmbH
Duo 1.6 rotary vane pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum in use on a surface analyzer from Micromeritics GmbH.

The metrology expert relies on Pfeiffer Vacuum's products for a large number of these processes. DuoLine rotary vane pumps are used in sample preparation and physisorption measurements. The samples in the measuring vessel are evacuated and freed from interfering volatile deposits under medium vacuum and elevated temperature.

Read more about this state of the art technology in the attached application report.

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