Rotary vane pump according to ATEX provides explosion protection and operational safety


Rotary vane pump Duo ATEX

Explosions can occur wherever flammable dust and gases are produced or used. For ensuring the safety of the people who work in these explosive environments, the devices and systems in use have to operate safely and must not constitute a potential source of ignition. Therefore, the European Union has released the so-called ATEX 2014/34/ EU (ATmosphere Explosibles, Explosive Atmospheres) directive. It sets the legal standards for the intended use of machines and protection systems in explosive areas. The directive also includes regulations for placing products, which are used in explosive environments, in the market. It applies to non-electronic devices as well. This is necessary because, for example, rotating couplings can become sources of ignition due to an inadmissibly high increase of temperature.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has made the ATEX directive the basis for its product development and set new standards in terms of safety and risk minimization. The rotary vane pump Duo ATEX has been exclusively developed for processes that take place in explosive environments and for evacuating explosive gases according to the ATEX directive. It meets the strict requirements for explosion protection. The ATEX certification is valid for the interior and the exterior of the pump. The pump corresponds to equipment category 3G and temperature class T3. All gases up to explosive group IIC can be pumped.

Rotary vane pump Duo 11 ATEX from Pfeiffer Vacuum with explosion-proof DC motor
Rotary vane pump Duo 11 ATEX from Pfeiffer Vacuum with explosion-proof DC motor

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