Vacuum systems for mobile analytics


Mass spectrometer and leak detectors for field use

Applications increasingly require analytical systems that are easy to transport and are suitable for mobile use. Mobile gas analysis, mass spectrometry and leak detection are used, for example, for investigating pollution caused by road and air traffic, for analyzing the quality of water, for detecting explosives and toxins at airports, and for mobile analysis of respiratory gases.

Mobile analytics pose sizable challenges for the vacuum equipment used: First and foremost, backing pumps and high vacuum pumps, and mass spectrometers must be small and lightweight. They must also use very little energy and work reliably in motion even when exposed to light vibrations. The information which follows describes some examples of existing mobile analysis systems and the types of application they are used for.

This system can be used for conducting the following measurements:

  • Gases such as SO2, H2S, CO2, helium, CH4
  • Temperature, pressure and humidity
  • GPS coordinates and elevation
  • Emitted particles
  • Ash samples (aerosol particles) for analyzing the influence on air traffic

The smoke plume zones over the volcano are monitored. To enable measurements to be taken, the system is combined with an unmanned aerial system which flies over this area of the volcano.

Professor Dr. Andres Diaz, of the University of Costa Rica with the mobile system on a volcano in ItalyFig. 1:Professor Dr. Andres Diaz, of the University of Costa Rica with the mobile system on a volcano in Italy

Besides measuring volcano emissions, these systems have also been used for numerous other analyzing purposes:

  • Detecting toxic BTEX substances (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes) in the field of oil and gas extraction and processing sites
  • Environmental analyses on the subantarctic continent (Chile)
  • Analyses on volcanoes in Italy, Costa Rica and Hawaii
  • Detection of illegal drugs

Read more about this in the attached application report.

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