Semiconductor fab in 3D

Semiconductor Fab in 3D

The solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum in 3D

Semiconductor fabrication takes place under clean-room conditions in the high and ultra-high vacuum range. In order to implement and guarantee such conditions, reliable vacuum equipment of premium quality is a must.

A typical semiconductor fab consists of four levels. At the top level, the cleanroom, the production line as well as special systems for contamination management are located. The level below the cleanroom – the so-called “subfloor” – is where the dry pumps for the evacuation of load-locks and transfer chambers are located. The next level below is where the cooling units, current supplies and RF-generators of the plant are located. The lowest level contains dry pumps and the exhaust gas treatment (abatement) equipment.

Explore our solutions for semiconductor fabs – in 3D and from a 360° perspective! Click through the different floors and components of our semiconductor fab model and learn which products Pfeiffer Vacuum offers to fulfill the diverse requirements!

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