Vacuum for life

Vacuum technology surrounds us everywhere in our daily lives - although we are often not aware of it. Many products that we take for granted in our lives could not be made without vacuum, which has become indispensable for the contemporary lifestyle we lead.

Transistors can also be found in the screens of LED TVs. HiPace turbo pumps are used in their production, for example.
Storage media such as CDs, DVDs and Blue Rays as well as hard drives are being coated with metallic layers under vacuum. In these processes, rotary vane pumps of the DuoLine are used.

What´s everyday´s life?

Its not just the way we communicate that is affected by new media. What we do in our free time is also changing more and more over the course of time – and not only for the youngest generation. Vacuum plays a decisive role in manufacturing these products.

Experience innovations!

Precision, quality and the exact focus on the specific requirements of the customers are vital for our experts already at the design stage.

We all need vacuum for life.

Behind all of this, there is Pfeiffer Vacuum

Our modern life is made possible thanks to products crafted each day by Pfeiffer Vacuum staff with the maximum precision and care.