Magnetically levitated turbopumps HiPace M

HiPace M maglev turbopump packages from $11,540

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s HiPace M line of maintenance-free turbopumps are now available for a limited time* at an exceptional price. Choose from nine different pump packages.

*Limited time offer

Packages include

  • HiPace 300 M, 700 M or 800 M turbopumps
  • DCU 400 display control unit with cables
  • Cooling fan

Advantages at a glance

  • Active 5-axis magnetic bearing suspension
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • High gas throughput and compression ratios
  • Low vibration operation


Call 800-248-8254 for BIG SAVINGS now!

For further information about our magnetically levitated turbopumps, click here.

Offer is only valid for North America.

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