Pfeiffer Vacuum

Measurement equipment

FullRange® gauge PKR 361 or Puls-Pirani gauge TPR 270
A complete package for simple, reliable measurements at an optimum price/performance ratio.

Promotion packages

We offer 3 different promotion packages consisting of a single gauge display and control unit TPG 361, a FullRange® gauge PKR 361 or Puls-Pirani gauge TPR 270 and a sensor cable, length: 3 m.

At the PKR 361, you can choose from the following flange options: DN 25 ISO-KF, DN 40 ISO-KF and DN 40 CF-F

Advantages at a glance

  • Broad display range of between 1 ∙ 10-9 and 1,000 hPa (PKR 361) or 1 ∙ 10-4 and 1,000 hPa (TPR 270)
  • FullRange® gauge with longer lifetime, easy maintenance and minimized magnetic stray field
  • Puls-Pirani gauge with high accuracy
  • Control units are simple to operate and have an easy readable display

For further information about our measurement equipment, click here.

Offer is only valid for North America.


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