Roots Pumps

Series for all low and medium vacuum applications

Roots pumps in the HiLobe and OktaLine series can be perfectly tailored to customer-specific requirements through different pumping speeds and versions. These types of pumps require a backing pump which is suitable for the application and is adjusted to the gas flow. In contrast, the special OktaLine G series for high differential pressures can also be used as a powerful backing pump working against atmospheric pressure at high pumping speeds.

Customer benefits

  • Large pumping speed range from 250 to 12,000 m³/h
  • Very high continuous pressure differences
  • Flexibility and adaptation to the process can be achieved by configuring the motor power and the frequency converter
  • Thermal process gas control with OktaLine G and gas coolers
  • Low maintenance, maximum operational reliability and availability due to magnetic coupling (optional)

The gear box and bearings of Roots pumps are separated from the gas pumping chamber. The frictionless pumping action of the lobes means that dry operation is assured. These pumps are therefore ideally suited for applications in low or medium vacuum and are frequently used in:

  • Chemical and process engineering,
  • Coating and semiconductor industry,
  • Research & development.

Explosion-proof pumps

For evacuating explosive gases or for processes in explosive environments, we have developed the OktaLine ATEX, which is based on the proven concept of the standard OktaLine Roots pumps. Due to extensive testing and the standardized magnetic coupling, the series is able to meet the stringent explosion protection requirements.

OktaLine G for high differential pressures

Additional flexibility is offered by the gas circulation cooled Roots pumps OktaLine G that are also available. These pumps are ideal for compressing against atmospheric pressure in applications with high pressure differences and maximum gas throughput. Thanks to their special cooling system, these Roots pumps can also be operated without a backing pump.

CombiLine pumping stations

Used in combination with other Roots pumps or appropriate backing pumps, Roots pumps can be adapted perfectly to any application. With the CombiLine series, we can offer you almost any individual combination of pumps. Pfeiffer Vacuum as the leading provider of vacuum solutions has more than 50 years of experience in the design of customer-specific solutions.

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