Universal boosters

Intelligent, efficient pump for simple system integration

  • Latest pump generation with maximum energy efficiency
  • Compact and powerful
  • Condition monitoring
  • Flexible mounting positions

Proven all-rounder with optional magnetic coupling

  • Large pumping speed range
  • Integrated overflow valve
  • High compression in the end vacuum
  • Large diversity of model variants

With HiLobe and OktaLine, Pfeiffer Vacuum now offers two highly successful series of Roots pumps. The gear box and bearings in our Roots pumps are separated from the gas pumping chamber. The frictionless operation of the Roots lobes means that dry operation is assured.

The compact powerhouse

The modern and very powerful HiLobe pumps offer high energy efficiency (class IE4) and can be easily integrated into your system control (plug & play) thanks to the latest interface technology. Small sizes and various mounting positions (vertical and horizontal) also facilitate their integration into existing systems. Their intelligent drive concept and condition monitoring contribute to making HiLobe pumps extremely low-maintenance. High machine availability is assured due to long service intervals and easy maintenance by our global on-site service.

Due to its powerful drive, the HiLobe can reach very high differential pressures for a short time and is therefore particularly suitable for load-lock applications, such as PVD (coating) systems and leak detection. These are processes that require extremely short cycle times. Other typical applications are vacuum and freeze drying, metallurgy and electron beam welding.

The proven all-rounder

The Roots pumps in our established OktaLine are available in very large pumping speed ranges and are characterized by high compression in the end vacuum. Due to many years’ experience with our all-rounder, we can offer a wide diversity of model variants and a full range of accessories that enable us to configure pumps for your individual process.

Cost-intensive water cooling is not required as the pumps are convection-cooled. They can optionally be equipped with a frequency converter package for even higher pumping speeds. The integrated overflow valve and optional magnetic coupling guarantee enhanced process reliability. Our OktaLine pumps are typically used in simulation chambers, thin film technology, steel degassing and chemical and process engineering.

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