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With the starter kit for our HiLobe Roots pumps, we offer you a package with which you can set and read out various parameters of the HiLobe during regular operation or during commissioning. This includes a display and control unit, a connection cable and an adapter that ensures the connection to the specified interface of the drive electronics. In addition, the adapter can be used to simultaneously read out various parameters via the display unit when using external remote control.
  • HiLobe starter kit. Particularly suitable for support during commissioning or during standard operation without an external control unit
  • Best performance through optimized active air cooling
  • Best in class highest differential pressure for short-term evacuations
  • External electronic drive unit -not incl.-
  • No cooling water consumption
  • Best price-performance ratio for applications with moderate differential pressure requirements
  • Best in class highest differential pressure for short-term evacuations
  • External drive electronics RC 5500
  • No cooling water consumption
  • Best in class highest differential pressure for short-term evacuations
  • Highest continuous max. delta p powered by water cooling
  • External drive electronics RC 15000

Intelligent, high performance Roots pumps for low and medium vacuum applications.

Intelligent and flexible
With their individual speed control, Roots pumps from the innovative HiLobe series can be adapted perfectly to customers’ specifications. Flexible installation positions allow the system size and installation costs to be reduced. The intelligent interface technology of the HiLobe enables optimal adjustment and condition monitoring of processes. This ensures a long service life and maximum operational reliability in your application.
Flexible control of the air cooling system enables individual temperature control of the HiLobe and thus ensures optimum adaptation of the pump temperature to your processes.

High performance
HiLobe pumps are available in a pumping speed range of 520 - 13,600 m3/h. Their superior drive concept permits extremely high differential pressures for a booster pump to be reached for short periods of time. This reduces pump-down times by around 20% compared to conventional Roots pumps. In order to operate, Roots pumps require a suitable backing pump, adjusted to the gas flow, for the particular application.

The integrated innovative and wear-free IE4 energy efficiency class motors and optimized rotor geometries make for low operating costs and high availability. The drive of the HiLobe line is hermetically sealed and has a maximum integral leakage rate of 1 · 10-6 Pa m3/s. This saves costs and time-consuming maintenance of shaft seals. In addition, it prevents any contamination of the process gas. The use of sealing gas is unnecessary in most applications due to the sealing concept from the motor to the suction chamber.

Comparison of versions

Table Comparison of versions

Customer benefits

  • Efficient: Extremely short pump-down times due to superior, next-generation drive concept
  • Enhanced safety: Intelligent interface technology allows process monitoring (Industry 4.0)
  • Flexible: Vertical or horizontal pump mounting and variable control of the fan and pumping speeds permits adaptation to process variations
  • Durable: Hermetically sealed pump with leakage rate of < 1 ·10-6 Pa m3/s since outward dynamic seals are eliminated
  • Low operating costs: State-of-the-art motor technology (IE4 standard) and air cooling system (up to +40°C)


  • Load-lock chambers
  • Leak detection
  • Vacuum drying
  • Metallurgy
  • Freeze drying
  • Electron beam welding
  • Glass and wear protection coating
  • Decorative coating
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Space simulation chambers
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