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Pharmaceutical Lyophilization - The challenge of accurate pressure monitoring

Watch our webinar to learn more about:
How to make best use of capacitance and thermal conductivity vacuum pressure gauges in your pharmaceutical freeze drying process.

  • Influences on sensors accuracy
  • Calibration: Background, necessity and ways of realization
  • Steam-sterilization of pressure gauges

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Future-proof leak detection systems for automotive industry

Check out our webinar to learn more about:
How to optimize your leak detection system to not only meet the process requirements of your customers but to keep investments as low as possible.

  • Choosing the right testing method
  • Influence of (diluted) tracer gas
  • How to improve cost of ownership

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Why and how to replace Dye Ingress Test by deterministic CCIT methods?

Join our on demand webinar to learn more about:
Understand challenges and limitations of the blue dye test. Compare the sensitivity of blue dye test to other methods based on a comprehensive study.

  • How is the blue dye working (parameters, limits, etc.)
  • Sensitivity of blue dye vs. defect geometry
  • Comparative study with Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Mass Extraction and Helium
  • Select the right method to replace your blue dye

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How to perform reliable leak testing on HVAC & Refrigeration systems in compliance with regulations?

Join our webinar to learn more about:
How to comply with regulatory requirements while achieving quality improvements through reliable leak testing methods.

  • Functional requirements for tightness of HVAC & Refrigeration applications and subassemblies
  • Parameters needed for a tightness control process
  • Examples for industrially implemented test procedures

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Leak Testing of Fuel Cells – The Hydrogen Side

Join our on demand webinar to learn more about:
Current status and best practice for leak testing of hydrogen containing components in fuel cell applications.

Quantitative and localizing leak testing of:

  • Bipolar plates
  • Stacks
  • Tanks
  • Hydrogen supply system

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Bombing - leak test of hermetically sealed objects

Join our on demand webinar to learn more about:
Best practice of leak testing of hermetically sealed devices in microelectronics, sensor technology, and other industries

  • Method overview: Fine leak tests and gross leak tests with focus on helium fine leak test
  • Helium fine leak test - from displayed leak rate to real leak rate
  • Influences on the test result
  • Sensor test – a case study

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Fuel cell components – from regulations to industrial practice

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Development of leak test procedures out of current regulations
  • Pave the way from diffuse concepts to defined and precise implementation of
    • Test procedures
    • Pass/fail criteria
  • Considerations influencing development of a test procedure are:
    • Regulation conformity
    • Functionality
    • Safety

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Best practices in leak testing of HVAC-R applications – 5 tips to improve your leak testing process

Join our webinar to learn more about:
How to improve your leak testing process and important aspects to consider.

  • Leak testing aspects to achieve time and cost savings
  • Various aspects that positively influence functional leakage requirements for HVAC and refrigeration applications and assemblies.
  • Various parameters that should be considered for a leak test procedure
  • Examples of industrially implemented test procedure

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Best practice coating: More batches – less downtime

Join our webinar to learn more about:
The current status and best practice for operating coating machines and how to achieve better performance with less headaches.

The key topics at a glance:

  • How to avoid a production stop
  • The golden rules of vacuum
  • The key to success: operation, maintenance and products
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Lessons learned

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How to select a tracer gas leak detection method and technology

Join our webinar to learn more about:
Best practice for leak testing of components in a broad range of applications.
Quantitative, integral and localizing leak testing methods for:

  • Vacuum chambers, components, and assemblies
  • Pressurized containers and technical products

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