Pfeiffer Vacuum

Vacuum Technology Today

We are the only supplier of vacuum technology that provides a complete product portfolio.

Rotary Vane Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Screw Pumps

Multi-stage Roots Pumps

Roots Pumps

Rotary Piston Pumps


Pumping Stations


Analysis Equipment

Leak Detectors

AMI Integrity Test System

Vacuum Chambers





Contamination Management Solutions

Multi-Stage Vacuum Process

Coating Systems

Calibration systems

Any number of forward-looking ideas are possible with products from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

Vacuum produces conditions that are similar to those encountered in outer space and are indispensable in the production of numerous high-tech products and many items that are used in daily life. Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, for German engineering art, competent advice and reliable service.

Manufacturing processes or solar cells, semiconductors, DVDs and thermally insulated glass, as well as for coating high-stress mechanical tools or eyeglasses represent only a few examples of applications for vacuum technology. Vacuum also plays a major role in research & development and environmental technology, as well as in the analytical and automotive industries.

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