Pfeiffer Vacuum

High Pressure Analyzer HPA 220

Gas analysis in the pressure range of up to 50 hPa

The High Pressure Analyzer HPA 220 is a modular and flexibly usable mass spectrometer system with a dry turbopumping station for gas analysis in a vacuum up to pressures of 50 hPa.

Depending on its use, with the HPA 220, five different electropneumatic as well as manually operable gas inlet valves can be selected.

Customer benefits

  • Provides great flexibility thanks to its 5 manually or electropneumatically operated gas inlet options for analyzing, monitoring and controlling processes up to a pressure of 50 hPa.
  • Easy and flexible system integration through a variety of digital and analog inputs and outputs.
  • Multiplex operation allows data evaluation of several mass spectrometer systems with a single PC.
  • Compact dimensions for flexible integration.


  • Analysis, monitoring, and control of vacuum processes in the pressure range of 1 · 10-7 to 50 hPa
  • Manufacturers and operators of vacuum coating systems
  • Semiconductor production
  • Lithography
  • Metallurgy
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Research and development

Gas analysis in the pressure range of up to 50 hPa

Brochure HPA/SPM

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