CF Hexagon Head Screw Set for Spacer Flanges

  • CF Hexagon Head Screw Set for Spacer Flanges
  • Dimension-TIM-RS

Product description

  • For installing a spacer between two standard flanges with through-holes
  • Set includes the screws required for the specified flange size
  • Includes two washers and one nut for each screw

Stainless Steel A2-70

Nominal diameter A [mm] B Number per set [Pcs.] Part number
DN 16 CF 30 M4 6 420BSC016-30
DN 40 CF 50 M6 6 420BSC040-50
DN 63 CF 65 M8 8 420BSC063-65
DN 100 CF 70 M8 16 420BSC100-70
DN 160 CF 80 M8 20 420BSC160-80
DN 200 CF 90 M8 24 420BSC200-90
DN 250 CF 90 M8 32 420BSC250-90


Not to be used for the installation of turbo pumps! Use the fastening elements given in the corresponding operating instructions.

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