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Standard Manipulators

Port Aligners for Angular and Linear Adjustment

Bellows-sealed Rotary Feedthroughs

Elastomer-sealed Rotary Feedthroughs

Magnetically coupled Rotary Feedthrough

Elastomer-sealed Rotary/Linear Feedthroughs

Magnetically coupled Rotary/Linear Feedthrough

Bellows-sealed Linear Feedthroughs

Manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs are used to allow movements in the vacuum ranging from coarse to high precision.

Elastomer sealed systems
A through shaft that is guided in a housing affords both rotational as well as translational motions. Special elastomer seals assure its suitability for high vacuum, while vacuum-suitable grease affords smooth motion.
This direct transmission enables more precise motions with higher maximum forces and moments to be produced in a vacuum than with magnetically coupled systems. However its elastomer seals make it suitable for HV applications only.

Magnetically coupled systems
Magnetically coupled rotary/linear feedthroughs are designed for UHV applications. The rotary motion is transmitted from the atmosphere side to the vacuum with the aid of a magnetic coupling. This eliminates the need for a direct feedthrough, and the shaft is contained within a housing that is open to the vacuum side.

Diaphragm bellows sealed systems
With a setting resolution of 0.005 mm bellows manipulators number among the most precise movement capabilities in a vacuum. The flexible element that transmits the motion to the vacuum is the diaphragm bellows which also guarantees UHV suitability.
Its accuracy is achieved by means of play-free recirculating ball bearing guides and drives, as well as by its massive housing. UHV-suitable transmission of a rotary motion is accomplished by means of a diaphragm bellows that is welded directly to the flange.

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