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Helium Leak Detection Systems

Best-in-class solution for your quality assurance

Are you looking for the ideal system for your application? Whether integrated in a production line or as stand-alone testing station, we develop and construct helium leak detection systems that are tailored to your needs. The numerous systems sold for the automotive industry, refrigeration/air conditioning and packaging technology are indicative of our know-how.

We build complete systems for you, with our vacuum components such as a helium leak detector as the centerpiece. With pumping unit, test chamber, control technology, including all handling systems and full documentation.

In terms of environmental certification in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001, we are happy to quote the appropriate helium recovery unit in the package.

Customer benefits

  • High sensitivity in detecting the
    smallest leaks
  • Dry testing instead of bubble testing
  • Automated measurement method
  • Minimizes testing times and operating costs
  • Compliance with quality and environmental requirements
  • Fully automated test procedure

Typical applications

  • Automotive industry (e.g. airbags, aluminum rims, fuel system components, components for air conditioning and air suspension system components)
  • Refrigeration/air conditioning
    (e. g. evaporators, compressors)
  • Vacuum and pressurization technology
    (e. g. valves, fittings)
  • Packaging technology (e. g. for pharmaceutical products, foods)
The right test method for every application

In helium leak detection, a distinction is made between two different test methods – local and integral leak detection. Testing is performed with the aid of sniffer or vacuum leak detection under either of these fundamental concepts.

Local leak detection

Systems that incorporate helium sniffer probes are employed for precise localization of the leak. After the item to be tested has been evacuated and filled with helium, a sniffer probe is used to localize and analyze any leaks. The sniffer leak test can identify leaks of down to 10-7 Pa m3/s* and provides precise information about the size and location of the leak.

  • Precise localization of the leak site
  • Indication of the exact size of the leak
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Easy identification of repetitive production defects
  • Dry test

*0.1 Pa m3/s = 1 mbar l/s = 0.987 sccs

Integral leak detection

For systems that specify the total leak rate, the object is placed in a test chamber, filled with helium under test pressure and tested for leaks. The helium that escapes through the smallest leaks penetrates to the heart of the helium leak detector, so that leak rates as small as 10-10 Pa m3/s* can be detected.

  • Measurement of the total leak rate (integral)
  • Clear GO/NO-GO indication
  • Highest measurement accuracy
  • Short cycle time
  • Dry test

*0.1 Pa m3/s = 1 mbar l/s = 0.987 sccs


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