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The compact leak detectors in the ASM 182 series by Pfeiffer Vacuum provide the perfect combination of high performance coupled with user-friendliness and exceptional reliability even in the harshest industrial applications.

ASM 182 series Leak Detectors are powerful and compact
The high-performance leak detectors in the ASM 182 series are available in oil-lubricated and dry versions. Both versions are equipped with a high backing capacity. The small footprint of these leak detectors enables them to be easily integrated into production lines. Our ASM 182 series leak detectors can be used to detect leaks in parts of widely varying sizes and volumes. Whether used in the automotive industry, the aeronautic and aerospace industry or in semiconductor production, these leak detectors fit the bill with their high performance and reliability.

Powerful Leak Detectors with a Rotary Vane Pump
The ASM 182 T compact leak detector has a powerful rotary vane pump with a pumping speed of 20 m³/h. This large backing pump, together with a powerful turbopump and a flow-optimized valve block, enables the ASM 182 T to achieve the fastest cycle times in its performance class. It is at its most impressive when large-volume components are concerned.The ASM 182 T can easily be maintained due to the fold-out feature of its front and rear housing.

The ASM 182 TD+: dry and rugged
The dry ASM 182 TD+ combines a particle-free backing pump with extreme long-term stability and a pumping speed of 25 m³/h, a molecular pump for high pumping speed in the medium vacuum range and a powerful turbopump in the high vacuum range. The test pressure is attained rapidly even with large or strongly outgassing test objects. Thanks to ultra-small background signals and a rapid signal reduction, the ASM 182 TD+ reliably performs even the most demanding testing jobs.

Leak detection competence

Leak detection competence

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