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Multipurpose leak detectors by Pfeiffer Vacuum combine high performance and easy operation with the reliability which you have come to expect.

The best in class compact multipurpose leak detectors - now with 2 years warranty
The leak detectors in our ASM 340 series guarantee top performance in vacuum or sniffing leak detection for various applications, from maintenance to applications in small production environments. These dependable leak detectors can be used both for qualitative localization of leaks as well as quantitative global or local testing. They are the only leak detectors in their class offering qualitative leak detection starting at 100 hPa before reaching the inlet test pressure.
The ASM 340 is characterized by its powerful pumping system and available in conventional or dry versions. Easy operation, ultra fast response time and short recovery time are among the outstanding features of these compact multipurpose units. The ASM 340 is the perfect solution for everyday testing even in severe test conditions.

Customer benefits

  • Fastest time to test in its class
  • High backing pump capacity for versatile use
  • Rapid response time due to high helium pumping speed
  • Unique capability to detect leaks starting at 100 hPa
  • Impressive results in sniffing test mode, with 5 · 10-10 Pa m3/s minimum detectable leak rate for helium
  • Low maintenance due to rugged design
  • Integrated SD memory card for recording, downloading and parameter setting
  • Detachable color control panel for enhanced ergonomics
  • User friendly and customizable interface
  • Complete range of I/O and Profibus communication available


  • R & D
  • Aeronautic industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Measuring technology
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Leak detection systems

ASM 340 with conventional pumping
Those compact leak detectors are equipped with the largest backing pumps of their class allowing extremely fast cycle times.

ASM 340 D with dry pumps
The dry ASM 340 D units are equipped with diaphragm pumps. They are used in any applications where very clean test conditions are required.

ASM 340 I without backing pump
This specific unit offers maximum flexibility and is typically used for the integration into leak detection systems.

Brochure ASM 340

Leak detection competence

Leak detection competence

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