Total pressure vacuum gauge with analog signal outlet


Complete measurement instrumentation, comprising gauges, controller and cables.
The OmniControl can operate one or two ActiveLine gauges. The controller TPG 366 enable up to 6 ActiveLine gauges to be operated.
Standardized cables in various lengths simplify operation.

Total pressure vacuum gauge with analog signal outlet

The ActiveLine series offers a wide range of vacuum gauges that work on a variety of measuring principles and have a classic analog outlet. The series thus covers the technically relevant vacuum range from ultra-high vacuum to overpressure. The outlet voltage of the transmitter, that is proportional to the pressure, can be displayed as pressure on the three controllers or read into controllers through analog inputs for further processing.

Customer benefits

  • Covers the entire vacuum range
  • Suitable for all requirement profiles
  • Space saving installation due to compact design
  • Optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • Universally usable due to integrated electronic drive unit
  • Easy self-diagnosis
  • Avoids installation errors through controllers with automatic transmitter recognition
  • Easy wiring for all transmitters through uniform standard cables


  • Research facilities
  • Analysis equipment
  • Research and production coating facilities
  • Leak detection systems
  • Semiconductor development and production
  • Photovoltaics
  • Industrial vacuum process systems
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