Handheld vacuum gauges

Handheld vacuum gauges and Manometer

Total pressure display on the process chamber itself

The battery-operated handheld gauges TPG 201 and 202 offer an easy way to display and record pressures. The TPG 201 works on the principle of heat transfer (Pirani). The TPG 202 also has a piezo-resistive pressure transducer for the higher pressure range, which works irrespective of the type of gas. Depending upon the unit, the handheld gauges cover the pressure range of between 1,200 hPa and 5 · 10-4 hPa. Handheld units are equipped with a display which allows the pressure to be read off directly on the unit. The readings can also be read out through the USB interface with the aid of DokuStar software. A handy accessory case is optionally available.

Mechanical manometers are particularly useful for venting a vacuum chamber. They display the pressure relative to the ambient pressure on a scale, ranging from -1 to 0.6 bar, and require no external power supply.

Customer benefits - Handheld vacuum gauges

  • Compact handheld measurement unit for
    low and medium vacuum measurement
  • Data logger function
  • Data transmission to a computer through
    USB interface
  • Battery or mains power supply
  • Handy accessory case
  • Gas-type independent pressure measurement above 10 hPa (TPG 202 only)
  • High accuracy atmospheric pressure indicator (TPG 202 only)

Customer benefits - Manometer

  • Robust low vacuum display
  • Suitable for UHV and bake-out
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Pressure display, even in the event of a power outage


  • Maintenance and servicing of vacuum pumps and systems
  • Monitoring of analysis and laboratory equipment
  • Alternative to mercury pressure gauge
  • Uses in research & development
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