Totaldruckmessung in Bereichen mit ionisierender Strahlung

Gauge heads

Extremely rugged gauge heads for operation in areas with high radiation levels, as well. They are especially suitable for UHV applications.


Pirani gauge heads to TPG 300

  • Display range: 1 · 10-4 - 1000 hPa
  • Metal Sealed version, bake out temperature up to 250 °C, for applications in the field of ionizing radiation
  • With nickel-filament for corrosive media

Cold cathode gauge heads to TPG 300

  • Measurements in UHV up to 1 · 10-11 hPa with Triaxcable (max. 5 · 10-3 hPa)
  • Metal Sealed versions for applications in the field of ionizing radiation
  • Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C (FPM sealed) or 250 °C (metal-sealed)
  • Connection cable: coaxial for IKR 050 and IKR 060, triaxial for IKR 070
  • Cable length affects measurement range and accuracy

Hot cathode gauge heads to IMG 400

  • Measurements in UHV up to 2 · 10-12 hPa with extraktor-gauge
  • Immersion measuring systems for accurate measuring of pressure
  • Bake out up to 400 °C (without measurement cables) or 200 °C (with high-temperature measuring cables)
  • Operation with hot cathode control unit IMG 400
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