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Vacuum Measurement and Analysis Equipment.
Many vacuum applications operate only in a specific pressure range. Analog and digital total vacuum or pressure measurement instruments are used to measure and control the total pressure in a vacuum system. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers four different lines of total pressure gauges.

The criteria for selecting the sensor depends on differing basic conditions:

  • Pressure range which is to be detected
  • Gas composition (inert or corrosive)
  • Required accuracy and repeatability
  • Ambient conditions such as ionizing radiation

Series at a glance

Measurement DigiLine

  • Total pressure vacuum gauge with digital signal outlet, analog output with two switch-points as well as Profibus interfaces are available as options

Measurement ActiveLine

  • Total pressure vacuum gauge with analog signal outlet

Measurement CenterLine

  • Total pressure vacuum gauge with analog signal outlet compatible to Oerlikon Leybold

Measurement ModulLine

  • Total pressure measurement in areas with ionizing radiation

Handheld vacuum gauges and Manometer
Handheld vacuum gauges and Manometer

  • Total pressure display on the process chamber itself

DigiLine, ActiveLine, CenterLine, and ModulLine cover the entire pressure range, while the handheld vacuum gauges allow pressure to be displayed in the low and medium vacuum range on the process chamber itself.

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Working with Total Pressure Measurement Equipment

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