Pfeiffer Vacuum


Total pressure measurement in areas with ionizing radiation

The ModulLine series includes three Pirani TPR vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 1,000 to 8 · 10-4 hPa, three IKR cold cathode vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 5 · 10-3 to 1 · 10-11 hPa, and two IMR hot cathode vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 1 · 10-2 to 2 · 10-12 hPa. Since these vacuum gauges do not contain any electronics, they are also suitable for use in high-radiation environments. An extensive range of cables, including high-temperature cables and cables with double shielding, and two controllers, complete this measurement equipment line. The individually configurable TPG 300 controller can have two measuring boards for up to four TPR and IKR-type vacuum gauges. Another socket is for an interface board for serial interfaces RS-232/RS-485 and relay contacts. Controller IMG 400 is used for connecting IMR-type vacuum gauges. Both controllers can also be connected to Profibus DP with an optional interface board.

Customer benefits

  • Proven long life
  • Allows for challenging applications
  • Sensors and electronics can be located separately


  • Accelerators
  • UHV applications
  • Applications with exposure to radiation

Calibration Service

Factory calibration according to ISO/TS 3567 or DAkkS calibration

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