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OktaLine® G

High Differential Pressures with Lower Power Consumption.
High pressure ranges and maximum differential pressures, in particular, are the ideal site of operation for the OktaLine G series as-circulation-cooled Roots pumps. They are a special version of usual Roots pumps. An OktaLine G pumping speed of 250-12,000 m3/h is achieved at various power levels, ranging from 5.5 kW up to 12,000 kW rated power. The gas-circulation-cooled Roots pumps can be operated without any backing pumps.

Continuous usage at high pressure differences is possible because gas heated by the compression is cooled down on the pressure side and partially returned to the suction chamber. Applications up to atmospheric pressure can be realized in combination with the gas coolers necessary for the optimal process adaptation.

Customer benefits

  • Ample pumping speed range from 250 to 12,000 m3/h
  • High pressure differences
  • Flexibility and process adaptation, thanks to the motor power and frequency converter design.
  • Thermal process gas line with OktaLine G and gas coolers
  • Maintenance free, maximum reliability and highest uptime thanks to magnetic coupling (optional)

Thanks to the frequency converter, power consumption can be reduced significantly. The pumping speed can thus be precisely adjusted and a gentle soft-start is made possible. Gas-cooled Roots pumps are characterized by maximum reproducibility in process technology operations and significantly lower operational costs compared to other vacuum process pumps, such as injectors and liquid ring pumps.

As a single pump, they can be used in the 130 to 1.013 hPa range. The final pressure can be lowered to 20 or 30 hPa by connecting two pumps in series. When combined with other Roots pumps, the final pressure can be lowered down to the medium vacuum range. Here, the motors and gas coolers required for operation are adapted in a process-specific manner. Further specific parts such as couplings, temperature sensors and the base frame to receive the solution are optionally available.

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