Pfeiffer Vacuum

Two-stage Rotary Vane Pumps

With its DuoLine and Pascal two-stage rotary vane pumps, Pfeiffer Vacuum has offered two very successful ranges for many years now. Their long life and pumping speed, irrespective of the gas used, are the outstanding properties of these pumps. Two-stage rotary vane pumps can be used in the pressure range between 100 hPa and a pressure roughly a decade above the final pressure. Pumps belonging to the DuoLine series cover a pumping speed range of 1.3 to 300 m3/h. In the 5 - 21 m3/h range, Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers the Pascal series as products with superior vacuum performance. Pumps in the Pascal range are principally used as standalone pumps. Both series are available in a standard version with a shaft seal for use in straightforward applications. The Pascal series is additionally available as an instrumentation version for more sophisticated applications, such as frequent cyclical pump-down processes (load locks). There are various corrosive versions available for pumping aggressive media. DuoLine pumps with a magnetic coupling dispense with the need for shaft seal maintenance.

Typical applications are found in widely ranging sectors:

  • Analytics (mass spectrometry, electron microscopy)
  • Coating technology (surface protection, decorative films, display units, monitor screens)
  • Medicine/pharmaceutical technology (plasma sterilization, freeze drying)
  • Vacuum metallurgy (vacuum soldering, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloys, furnace construction)
  • Leak detection technology (vacuum systems, automotive tanks, airbag cartridges, packaging)
  • Research institutes (elementary particle physics, fusion research, laser applications)
  • Lighting industry (light bulb manufacture)
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