AMPC - Ambient Multi Port Controlling

AMPC - Ambient Multi Port Controlling

The AMPC is the ideal solution for clean room and equipment front end modules monitoring (EFEM).

Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in IC fabs is known as the major factor of yield loss. To control and understand where contamination comes from, Pfeiffer Vacuum now brings a unique solution to the semiconductor market to monitor clean rooms as well as EFEM (Equipment Front End Module).

Customer benefit

  • Real-time compound measurement (acids, bases, organic compounds)
  • Innovative software to manage sampling lines priority, quality check (QC) and alarms
  • 96 samplings lines gathered onto one tool (up to eight analyzers)
  • High throughput (analyzing and cleaning within three minutes)
  • No cross-contamination from one sampling line to another

The AMPC gathers the most advanced analyzers to detect and quantify acids, bases and organic compounds in up to 96 locations in a fab thanks to an innovative and integrated valves design.

AMPC range includes two tools: AMPC S and AMPC L where external dimensions, number of lines and options are different.

Additionally, the AMPC Extension Frame provides 39 U of space for extra analyzers. It can be used for upgrades of existing AMPC units or added to new AMPC S and AMPC L units.

Data management and fab communication
The tool software allows the end users to set various alarms when the levels of contamination exceed defined thresholds.
All measurement results and tool parameters are stored in a database that can be transmitted to fabs’ communication protocols to provide customers with a real-time picture of the fab’s contamination levels.
The customer is also able to remotely access the tool to modify tool parameters if necessary.

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