ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F, CF Viewports


  • Installation with outer centering ring and elastomer seal
  • Fastening elements: Clamping ring made from plastic (no usage of metal connection elements)
  • Frame with integrated FKM O-ring, installation without additional seal
  • Circumferential rim for outer centering on the ISO-K counter flange
  • Not suitable for mounting on base plate or with ISO-F flange
  • Sight glasses with replaceable safety glass, especially suitable for coating systems
  • With integrated FKM O-ring, installation without additional seal
  • Including claw clamps, bolts, washers and nuts for installation
  • Caution! Risk of injury by glass splinters. Do not use viewports which show apparent damage
  • Please use annealed copper gaskets or elastomer seals to minimize stress inside the glass
  • Always use washers for installation
  • Flange sizes DN 16 to DN 250 compatible with ISO 3669:2020
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