Vacuum Chambers

Customized and solution-oriented vacuum chambers

The centerpiece of a vacuum system is the vacuum chamber which matches perfectly to the application.Vacuum chambers from Pfeiffer Vacuum meet the most demanding quality and engineering requirements to achieve vacuum solutions which are perfectly tailored to our customers’ specification. They are used for medium vacuum right up to ultra-high vacuum and can also be designed, built and tested as a pressure vessel for an overpressure level above 0.5 bar in line with the pressure equipment directive (2014/68/EU).

All vacuum chambers manufactured by us

  • are tested for leaks
  • can be adapted to technical requirements
  • can be equipped with the necessary accessories

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a one-stop supplier for all stages of the process: assistance in finding the right solution for your application, design, manufacture, quality assurance, installation and on-site service.

Standard vacuum chambers

Our range of standard vacuum chambers provides an alternative to a completely customized chamber and comes with the accompanying cost benefits and fast delivery. This option allows various standard basic bodies to be combined with a free choice of ports to meet your requirements.

The following designs are available to choose from:

  • High vacuum chamber, cubical
  • High vacuum chamber, horizontal
  • High vacuum chamber, vertical
  • Medium vacuum chamber, vertical
  • Modular chamber components

Customized vacuum chambers

Our many years of experience have ensured that we are familiar with almost all specific applications, and we can offer you detailed advice on system specification, design and engineering. Our scope of work caters for your requirements: our first step towards the finished product involves producing an idea outline and a complete set of drawings.

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