Overview of our Service Options

Our goal is to provide you with customized service solutions that guarantee the best possible results as well as enhance the safety and durability of your equipment. We offer a range of service and support programs for this purpose. Details can be found here about maintenance, which is offered at 3 levels, and repairs, as well as information on calibration or exchange devices.

Maintenance – to extend the life of your product

Product maintenance is undertaken in up to 3 consecutive stages*. Our declared goal is to provide maximum transparency about any work that we recommend or undertake. We also want to ensure your products are optimally maintained and reach their full service life as a result.

* Deviations may apply depending on the type of pump.


Pfeiffer Vacuum Service Portfolio


We embrace the same standards throughout the world! This is why we have qualified over 50 service locations worldwide in order to satisfy our high quality expectations. We offer you first-class support even on site that leaves no aspect out of consideration and guarantees perfect service quality, and which naturally includes not only fault analysis and a service report but also the use of genuine Pfeiffer Vacuum parts and tools.

Exchange – when things have to happen fast

Pfeiffer Vacuum's exchange program is the alternative to regular maintenance or repairs. We supply you with a fully overhauled pump whose performance data match your pump. In return, we overhaul your used pump, which then becomes part of our exchange pool. Pfeiffer Vacuum provides you with a 12-month warranty for your exchange product*.

Working exchange

A working exchange is the fast alternative to level 3 maintenance. Downtime is greatly reduced since you receive a comparable fully overhauled product in exchange for your up-and-running device that is to be serviced. Delivery is made immediately. You then have 4 weeks’ time to send your faulty device to Pfeiffer Vacuum.

The product you receive is technically state-of-the-art and comes with a full 12-month warranty.

Standard exchange

Standard exchange reduces your downtime if your pump stops working at any time. Similarly to a working exchange, you will receive a comparable fully overhauled device and have 4 weeks’ time to send us your faulty unit.

The product you receive is technically state-of-the-art and comes with a full 12-month warranty.

* Exchange units are refurbished products that have been used before and may show signs of use, but meet the technical specifications of a new product. Pfeiffer Vacuum reserves the right to charge for misdeclared, missing or economically unrepairable products.

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